Summer Fun Plan

Are you looking for ways to keep your summer productive AND fun? Here is a great list of themed days to create your own summer fun plan!

I like to plan our summers out. If I don’t, I feel like we get to the end of the summer and still have a long list of things we want to do! In planning our summers, I like to have a “theme” for each day of the week. That way were are learning and exploring a variety of things and packing in as much fun as we possibly can in our time together!

Summer Fun Plan for Kids

Last year we focused a lot on art and simple outings. This year I really want to focus on teaching them to be responsible, contributing members of society. We have a lot of people in our home, which equals many tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis. During the school year, from the time the kids get home until bedtime is just crazy. There isn’t time to really effectively teach and train kids on new skills.

I have created our summer schedule in a way that allows time to be set aside to make things run even more smoothly and efficiently when the new school year starts. By being intentional in teaching these things during the summer, we can be productive and STILL have fun!

Here are our themed days for this summer:

Music Monday

The oldest 4 kids take piano lessons from me. This will be our set day to do piano lessons during the summer. I also have a bunch of fun music games from when I taught piano lessons that I am excited to pull out and play with the kids. We will also learn a little bit about different composers, instruments, and kinds of music to help the kids be a little more educated in this area. We have a ukulele and some recorders that I wanted to have the kids try playing and see if anyone wants to try their hand at learning those!

Tasty Tuesday

We eat a LOT of food in this family! I could really use some helpers for dinner. During the school year when dinner rolls around though, things are too crazy to sit and train someone. Setting aside the time to teach kids to make cookies from scratch, make a salad, boil noodles, grill chicken, etc. will make the next school year SO much easier!

Wednesday Work Day

Ooh, I’m gearing up for the groans that will accompany this day. I’m thinking there will need to be a treat or a reward to get us through this! We have responsibility books with tasks for the kids to learn depending on their age. We need to bust through these and get some chores learned. I have a new 5 year old that needs to learn to clean bathrooms. Pretty sure my older kids need to learn the fine art of ironing. Even though this day will be tough, I am SO looking forward to the long term benefits!

Summer Fun Plan for Kids

Thankful Thursday

On Thursdays we will focus on developing different character traits. I was given a free trial of Giving Artfully to try out. It focuses on learning a character traits and doing an art project to go with it. I will have more info to come on this! I was super excited because much of this lines up with our family rules!

Friday Fun Day

Friday will be our day to catch up. If kids haven’t finished their chores and other responsibilities throughout the week, this is the time for them to do so. We usually have a fun dinner and movie night on Fridays too!

Life in our house has been crazy lately. Between a new crawling baby, potty training, all the various school programs and other activities, there just isn’t time to sit and teach these skills. I am so excited to have an intentional summer and focus on teaching life skills in a more relaxing time frame!

Get your free copy of the themed Summer Fun Plan printable!

Summer Fun Plan for Kids

We just print this baby out, stick it in a sheet protector, and fill out the specific activities each week!

When do YOU teach your children new skills?

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