Summer Schedule for Kids!

Summer Schedule for Kids
Looking for a simple schedule to follow with your kids this summer? Check out my summer schedule for kids all planned out for a summer full of fun!

 Looking for a simple schedule to follow with your kids this summer? Check out this summer schedule for kids all planned out for a summer full of fun!

I think I get more excited about summer each year than my kids do. I love planning out the fun things we will do, and watching them learn and grow. The big thing about summer though, is it will escape so quickly if we don’t plan it out. I know that summer break is still nearly a month away, but I have been planning like crazy to make sure we take advantage of every second together! I have created our basic fun Summer Schedule for kids already to help me pencil in the details.

Summer Schedule for Kids I am not super great at coming up with cutesy day titles or anything, but I did actually make an effort this year. Here’s what each week during our summer will look like:

On the Move MONDAY

Library and Park: I know that with going to the Library on a Monday we will be missing out on story times. When I am pregnant and have a new baby, I just don’t love doing crowds. If I don’t make a habit at the beginning of the summer, the kids won’t realize they are missing out after the baby comes. Plus, I love starting off the week with a slew of books for the kids to read all week long. I am planning out their summer reading lists, so they will have a great selection to choose from. After the Library, we are going to visit a different park each week to play and have a picnic lunch.


I wanted to help them develop a new talent over the summer. I have a few kids who have really expressed an interest and quite the talent for art. I have been looking up different websites to help us learn about different artists and different art techniques. This one I definitely want planned out in advance so I have all the needed materials on hand. I also need to mentally prepare for the messes which I’m sure will be in abundance!


We will be exploring outside on Wednesdays. Small and easy hikes, places to go exploring, nearby museums, etc.


Science projects. We have done a few in the past and the kids LOVE science experiments. These need to be planned in advance just like the art projects though since they are messy, and I want to know exactly what I am doing beforehand.


The kids need a day with unstructured time where they can just play with friends and be kids, right? This is their day!

I seriously can’t wait until summer! My kids are already saying how much they will miss their teachers while I am the one counting down the days until they get to stay home!!! Get your free Summer Schedule Printable!

Looking for a simple schedule to follow with your kids this summer? Check out my summer schedule for kids all planned out for a summer full of fun!

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How do you plan your summers?

7 thoughts on “Summer Schedule for Kids!”

  1. I love having a routine for my kiddos. I have 5 kids: 3 under 3, a 10-year-old, and a teenager. I am constantly rotating different things to do for each age group. Love the different titles for each day!!

  2. What a great idea to start planning already! My oldest will be in a lot of sport camps so I’ll probably try to take my two youngest to the beaches ..aka lakes…around the area to play! Other than that, I kind of just play it by ear.

  3. I absolutely love this! I plan each of my son’s days out (the teacher in me)…this is so helpful to parents who want to enrich their kid’s lives.

  4. I am a planner by nature and I love these ideas! You came up with cute names too. I know me and my Littles will be using a schedule this summer. Yours has given lots of good ideas to think about. Thanks!

  5. I love your idea for organizing your kids’ summer! When I homeschooled my oldest, he was in school year round with breaks scheduled throughout. Now I have 2 preschoolers who attend school part-time, so keeping up the momentum over the summer won’t be too hard. But I’ve been planning their summer for the past couple of months as well. We’ll be visiting our local library and the various parks in the area throughout the summer as well.

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