Want a super easy way to clean your shower (even those stubborn hard water spots)? Try this DIY Amazing Shower Cleaner. Easy to make and easy to use!

DIY Amazing Shower Cleaner

As this is the month where I am Deep Cleaning our Bathrooms, I wanted to find a way to get our Master Bathroom Shower extra clean. After searching and trying different things, I found a winner! This recipe is so easy, anyone can make it (and you probably have the ingredients in your home already)!

Looking to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home and save money? See how these Simple DIY Household Cleaning Products can do both!

Simple DIY Household Cleaning Products

Household cleaners can be expensive. With little kids around, danger is a huge factor as to why I started making my own cleaning products. Here are two of my everyday cleaning products that I have recently refilled while deep cleaning my kitchen (and it only took me 5 minutes total to make both!)

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