Life Hack: Never Mix Up Contacts Again!

Never get your contacts mixed up again!

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contact-lensI wear Rigid Gas Permeable, or Hard contacts, and have since I was in High School. My eyes are two different prescriptions, so it is imperative that I put the correct contact in the correct eye. On more than one occasion during that time, I have gotten my contacts mixed up. Whether I accidentally bump the case while it is open and they both fall to the floor, or I put them in as part of my morning routine and realize that I can’t see as clearly as usual. Two tips that I have finally learned just this year that have cleared up ANY chance of getting my contacts mixed up.Buy the right kind of contact lens case. I used to get the kind that were just the regular figure 8 style.

These weren’t the best for me because sometimes when I would be super tired (not to mention the fact that I am so blind that unless I put the cap right up to my face I can’t see the ‘R’ and ‘L’ and my cap tops were both white), I would accidentally mix the caps up and label the Right contact with the Left cap. By simply switching the style of the lens case, even if I get the caps mixed up (which I still do on occasion), I know the container is facing the right way because it is flat across the top.

Never mix up contacts again!

I buy them in a 12 pack at Walmart, and have a different cute color each month.

The other tip I have is THE BEST!!! My friend told me about this and I couldn’t wait to get my new prescription to try this out. I get my Right contact tinted gReen since ‘green’ has an ‘R’ in it, and my Left contact tinted bLue since ‘blue’ has an ‘L’ in it. Isn’t that great? It isn’t noticeable enough that anyone has commented on it, but it has been life changing for me! The best part: it is no additional cost!


Do you have any contact lens tips?

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