Best Thanksgiving Picture Books

Best Thanksgiving Picture Books

 Looking for some fun Thanksgiving books to read with your kids? I have compiled a list of our favorite Thanksgiving picture books.

Looking for some fun Thanksgiving books to read with your kids? I have compiled a list of our favorite Thanksgiving picture books.

We read a lot of books at our house. We have raised children who love to read beginning at an early age. One of my favorite things to do is check out books from the library based around a theme, and we especially think Holiday books are the best!

With Thanksgiving in just 2 weeks, I have compiled a list of our favorite Thanksgiving-themed picture books.

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Mary’s First Thanksgiving: An Inspirational Story of Gratefulness 

by Kathy-jo WarginBest Thanksgiving Picture Books

A Pilgrim family moves from Ireland to America and is struggling. Mary isn’t feeling grateful for anything, so her parents tell her a story about 5 kernels of corn. These kernels of corn each represent something to be thankful for:

  • Beauty and bounty of Autumn
  • Love for one another
  • Love for their family
  • Friendship
  • Freedom to worship God

This is the Turkey 

by Abby LevineBest Thanksgiving Picture Books

Max and his sister help prepare the Thanksgiving dinner. When they start to bring the turkey in, disaster strikes! The story sequences the preparation of the Thanksgiving feast, and what happens when things don’t go quite as planned. This book follows the same type of a pattern as the book “The House that Jack Built“.

Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving

by Laurie Halse Anderson Best Thanksgiving Picture Books

Did you know that we almost lost Thanksgiving? I didn’t either until I read this book. Sarah Hale teaches that persistence is the key to success. She encouraged 5 different Presidents to establish the last Thursday in November as a day of Thanksgiving just by writing letters! I love when I find an engaging historical fiction book that both my kids and I enjoy.

The Thanksgiving Door

by Debby AtwellBest Thanksgiving Picture Books

When Ed and Ann’s Thanksgiving dinner burns, they think their Thanksgiving is ruined. They unknowingly join a restaurant owner and his family for their Thanksgiving celebration. Ed and Ann return home thankful that their dinner had burned as they learned the joy of being truly welcomed in and gaining new friends. (This book is out of print, so be sure to request it at your library!)

Turkey Trouble

by Wendi SilvanoBest Thanksgiving Picture Books

There has to be at least one book starring a turkey, right? Turkey knows he’s in trouble with Thanksgiving coming up. He looks around the farm and tries to disguise himself as the other farm animals. He comes up with a very clever idea. A great twist on your typical Thanksgiving dinner!

If you want more great Thanksgiving Picture Books, check out my Goodreads “Thanksgiving” shelf!

What are your favorite books to read for Thanksgiving?

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