Alternate Phrases to “You’ve Got Your Hands Full”

Alternate Phrases to “You’ve Got Your Hands Full”

 Do you hear the phrase "you've got your hands full" on a regular basis? Here are some ways to encourage those who have their hands full.

Please tell me I’m not the only mom who hears the phrase “you’ve got your hands full” nearly every time I step out in public! I have really great kids, but with so many of them, it is guaranteed that there will be LOTS going on!

I’ve heard some people say “full hands, full heart”, and things like that, but that’s just not my style. When people comment on how we appear, I end up saying something ridiculous, or just walking away from the situation thinking “we must look like as much of a circus as this feels!” I have even had someone in the checkout line once admit that they followed me around the store because it was just so entertaining to watch us.

As I pass other moms in the grocery store also struggling to various degrees with their children, I realize we need to change the mindset. We need to be supportive of those who very obviously need it!

Why I Shop with Kids

I choose to grocery shop with my kids for a few reasons that range from manners to math. The main reason I shop with kids is that when my husband is home, I want to be home too. I don’t want to leave him with the kids as soon as he gets home so that I can go get my stuff done. I choose to take advantage of the precious time we get to spend together as a family. Therefore, I get to hear this saying all. the. time.

Some Alternate Phrases

  • “You have beautiful children”
  • “You are doing a great job”
  • “What well-behaved children” (my personal favorite)

A Good Rule of Thumb

 Do you hear the phrase "you've got your hands full" on a regular basis? Here are some ways to encourage those who have their hands full.

If the response can be “thank you”, it would be a great thing to say to anyone who is appearing overwhelmed with life no matter the circumstance.

As we support the mothers around us, we support those who are raising the future. I feel good about myself and the job I am doing raising my children when I hear compliments, rather than phrases that may suggest that people would rather not be in the same space as me.

My kids are great kids, but they have their good and bad days the same as I do, and they are kids! Let’s foster positivity and let those around us know when they are doing a great job. Motherhood (and grocery shopping with little kids) is no small task.

How do you respond to comments about full hands?

4 thoughts on “Alternate Phrases to “You’ve Got Your Hands Full””

  • I love that you are a very involved, hands on mom, but you still make time to do the things you are interested. Your children are very well behaved – even in the grocery store!

  • I love your suggestion to limit comments to something that the person can say “thank you” to! I’m also loving your posts about meal planning. I’m trying to get into it and you have some great tips! Your beautiful family has grown since we were in the Provo 2nd Ward together! Love reading your blog!

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