Check out my February Deep Clean Kitchen Follow-Up. Check over my Kitchen Deep Clean list. See what a difference it made for me, and try it for yourself!

February Deep Clean Kitchen Follow-Up

How did you do on your Deep Cleaning the Kitchen Challenge? February was the Deep Cleaning/Purging of the Kitchen. If you haven’t already gotten the checklist, you can get it here.

Did you deep clean and purge in January? Check over my main living area deep clean list. See what a difference it made for me, and try it for yourself!

January Deep Clean Follow Up

So, are you DYING to know how my January purging went? January is my month to deep clean our Main Living Areas. With my new-found knowledge of only keeping things I love, this deep clean was much more thorough than usual. My main living areas for this month included: the entry way, the Music Room …

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Do you need to organize your paper clutter? If organized into these 4 simple categories properly, you can create a system that works indefinitely!

Organizing Paper Clutter

Hopefully you aren’t sick of hearing about my new-found desire to not only organize my home, but purge it of anything that I don’t love. Combining my 6 month house cleaning rotation with the KonMari method has been WAY more work than I thought. It has also been more rewarding than I could have ever anticipated. …

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