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Kids art work, crafts and special should be proudly displayed, but not on the fridge. Here is a great way to easily stop refrigerator clutter.

Easily Stop Refrigerator Clutter

Between crafts, school papers, and reminders our refrigerator gets overcrowded VERY easily. I love to see my kids’ art work and have it proudly displayed. When it falls of in layers each time we walk past the fridge or open the door though, you know there’s a problem. We have found a simple way to show …

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Check out my February Deep Clean Kitchen Follow-Up. Check over my Kitchen Deep Clean list. See what a difference it made for me, and try it for yourself!

February Deep Clean Kitchen Follow-Up

How did you do on your Deep Cleaning the Kitchen Challenge? February was the Deep Cleaning/Purging of the Kitchen. If you haven’t already gotten the checklist, you can get it here.

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