Personal Care Kit: After Delivering Baby

Having a baby soon? Check out this list of items for a personal care kit to have everything you need on hand before you come home with baby!

Having a baby soon? Check out this list of items for a personal care kit to have everything you need on hand before you come home with baby!

I don’t think I had any idea what I was in for once I had delivered my baby. I had NO CLUE how many body fluids there would be, and how much discomfort was ahead. I have learned quite a bit since my first baby and now always have a personal care kit ready for when I come home from the hospital.

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Here’s What’s in My Kit

After delivering your baby, the nurse will show you your new bathroom routine. And trust me, it is quite the process! I like to keep all the products I need right in my bathroom. You will probably get most of these items from your hospital stay. If you don’t, ask for them and make sure to take them home with you! You will want extras on hand of any disposable products.

In the Bathroom

 Peri Bottle: It will be much easier and more comfortable to clean yourself after using the bathroom with one of these than with toilet paper. These ones especially look nice and fancy!

Tucks Pads: Although it says “hemorrhoid” on the box, you will want these even if you don’t have hemorrhoids. They are great to line your pads with to prevent any itching that will occur. This happens whether you tear or not. Everything is VERY sensitive!

 Dermoplast: This spray will also help relieve any itching and prevent infection.

and lots of Overnight Pads: I remember receiving a package of these at the baby shower for my first baby and thinking “what in the world are these for?” Boy was I ever grateful for those! You will want LOTS of pads as you seem to bleed enough to make up for all your missed periods the last 9 months.

Around the House

I usually have a basket next to the couch in the spot where I will be parking for the first week or so. It is filled with all the supplies I need so I won’t have to be getting up and down except to go to the bathroom.


Nursing Pads: If you are breastfeeding, you will go through quite a few nursing pads as your milk is getting regulated right at first. I have used the disposable nursing pads in the past, but picked up a pack of Bamboobies reusable nursing pads to try out this time. Update: My favorite nursing pads ended up being these ones.

Nipple Cream: It seems that there is a debate on whether you should use Lansinoh lanolin or coconut oil. Whatever your preference, have this handy wherever you will be nursing.

Nursing Cover: I made my own from a link on Pinterest, but it seems the link is gone (maybe I’ll make my own tutorial, it’s seriously the BEST cover). It is similar to this nursing poncho.

Extra burp cloths: There are some burping sessions that are WAY more messy than others. We bought a pack of the Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers with our first baby and are still using the same ones. If washed correctly, they last forever!

Boppy: I use the Boppy to nurse for the first little bit. New babies are SO tiny and I don’t want to hunch over trying to nurse. After nursing, I usually lay a super soft blanket over the Boppy and prop the baby up on it.

For Baby

Diapers and wipes: I try to have a few days worth of both in my basket so I don’t have to worry if it is one of those diaper changes that somehow takes 3 diapers…

 Extra Swaddle Blankets: Just in case one gets messy, I have a few extras. We LOVE the Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets. They are light weight and huge!

For You

Inflatable Doughnut Pillow: You can ask for one of these at the hospital. If they don’t provide one, ask! It will help you feel much more comfortable when you are sitting down.

Snacks and water: I usually tuck these at the very bottom so my kids don’t sneak them! Whatever my favorite snack is at the time, I make sure to have a good supply of it to eat while I am nursing. I generally use the water bottle from the hospital too and keep it filled up.

I think that’s it!

You should be totally covered on all your immediate needs for the first little bit after delivery! Good luck with your new little one!

What do you have in your Personal Care Kit?

Having a baby soon? Check out this list of items for a personal care kit to have everything you need on hand before you come home with baby!

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