The Perfect Diaper Bag Purse

The Perfect Purse

Are you looking for a diaper bag that is not only functional, but also stylish? What if you could find a purse that fit all all your diaper bag essentials in it as well? I found the perfect diaper bag purse and want to tell you all about it!

Every mom needs a good diaper bag. One that is reliable, easy to clean, and simple to organize. As our family continues to grow, I have realized I was carrying around WAY too much stuff. I had a diaper bag, a church bag, a purse, an activity bag for appointments, and yet I was STILL forgetting things! Luckily, I found the perfect diaper bag purse and a great system to keep it all manageable and in one bag!

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The Perfect Purse

The Perfect Purse

The realization that I needed to stop having a million separate bags for various activities came after not being totally prepared one too many times. Spur of the moment activities, necessary change of plans, spontaneous stops at the park, etc. One too many good intentions went bad when I constantly came up short on necessities.

I was basically looking for something similar to a Mary Poppins bag that would just magically combine all my bags into one. And can you believe it, I found one! I looked and looked and found the perfect bag at a thrift store of all places! There is no identifying tag on it, so here are some bag that are the closest I could find to mine:

Must-Have Features

With so many bags on the market and having tried out quite a few different types of bags, I narrowed my search down to these features: reliable, easy to clean, and simple to organize.

The first two go hand in hand. I wanted a bag that was durable and good quality, but also easy to clean. I decided that a leather bag was the way to go for me. With all the messes that come with kids, I wanted to be able to give the bag a quick wipe down rather than constantly sending a cloth bag through the wash causing it to fade and wear out. The easy to organize dilemma was solved with the 3 compartments in my perfect bag.

3 Compartments

Stylish Diaper Bag Purse, Purse Diaper Bag

Many diaper bags feature a plethora of pockets evenly dispersed throughout the bag. The problem I found with this was that I could never remember which tiny item was in which tiny pocket. As the size of my family and the amount of items I needed to carry changed, so did my diaper bag needs. No longer was I neatly putting everything in it’s place in the pocket bags. Instead, the main pocket was a mess and the little pockets were empty.

Having three compartments in my bag made it possible to organize for three different activities, or uses. I currently have one compartment for the baby, one for the toddler, and one for me! I can easily find what I am looking for without digging around in a mess.

Here’s what I have at all times in each compartment:

Baby Essentials

Stylish Diaper Bag Purse

In my baby compartment, I always keep an extra:


burp cloth

-diaper and wipes

binky (we are currently just keeping one in the car seat)

I keep all of these items in their own little pouch so nothing falls out and gets lost. It’s also nice for a quick diaper changing emergency to just grab the bag and know I have everything I need.

Toddler Essentials

Stylish Diaper Bag Purse

Our toddler compartment used to be very similar to the baby compartment. When we have a recently potty trained child, it is a little different. Now instead of diapers, we have extra:


shorts that match with almost anything and are easy to pull up and down

Mom Essentials

Stylish Diaper Bag Purse

My compartment has all the little things that you end up needing but never remember to grab:



-hand sanitizer

small first aid kit


simple game for long waits



Again, to further simplify your purse, get a 3 compartment wallet. I have one similar to these:

I love having 3 compartments in my wallet so I can organize it by: cards I use frequently, cards I use infrequently but still need to carry, and cash. My wallet also has pockets on the sides that I use to store the receipts for the month in to track our budget.

Additional Features

In addition to the three compartments are two small features that have been major game changers for me. First, there is a zippered pocket on the back that is the perfect size for my phone so I never even have to open my purse for that. My purse also has metal rings so I can quickly attach my keys with a carabiner. Both of these features keep me from ever digging around for small essentials!

Stock the Car

Besides consolidating the essentials into a diaper bag purse, I also decided to stock the car for any of those needed items that I don’t want to lug around. In our car, we always carry spare essentials for pretty much any possible situation. I’ll have to do another post on that!

If you are tired of lugging around a purse and a diaper bag as well as any specialty bags, you should totally look into getting the Perfect Purse! When I am out and about with all the kids, I need my arms free, not dragged down with a million bags. You will love the simplicity and peace of minding knowing you have packed the all essentials, leaving behind the extras!

The Perfect Purse

What are your diaper bag essentials?

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Diaper Bag Purse”

  1. Rebecca Stephens

    I loved this post! So useful for a first time mom. What are the dimensions of your bag? Are the straps on it tote style, crossbody, or both? Thanks!

    1. maintainingmotherhood

      It is just a large purse actually. I don’t like the backpack style for myself. I love how this bag had a bit longer of straps so that I could easily slip my arm through, but not so long that my bag was constantly whapping me when I walked. The base dimensions are 12 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and it is 11″ tall. The straps are 26″. I hope you find one that works for you!

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