Want a super easy way to clean your shower (even those stubborn hard water spots)? Try this DIY Amazing Shower Cleaner. Easy to make and easy to use!

DIY Amazing Shower Cleaner

As this is the month where I am Deep Cleaning our Bathrooms, I wanted to find a way to get our Master Bathroom Shower extra clean. After searching and trying different things, I found a winner! This recipe is so easy, anyone can make it (and you probably have the ingredients in your home already)!

Do your bathrooms need to be deep cleaned? Follow this simple Deep Clean Bathroom Checklist and your bathrooms will sparkle in no time at all!

Deep Clean Bathroom Checklist

Have you joined me on the Deep Clean Challenges so far this year? We have cleaned the Main Living Areas, Kitchen, Bedrooms, and updated the Emergency Supplies. This month it is time to tackle the Bathrooms! Follow along with the Deep Clean Bathroom Checklist and the job will seem MUCH easier!

Kids art work, crafts and special should be proudly displayed, but not on the fridge. Here is a great way to easily stop refrigerator clutter.

Easily Stop Refrigerator Clutter

Between crafts, school papers, and reminders our refrigerator gets overcrowded VERY easily. I love to see my kids’ art work and have it proudly displayed. When it falls of in layers each time we walk past the fridge or open the door though, you know there’s a problem. We have found a simple way to show …

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Do your kids have messy bedrooms? Use this Clean Bedroom Checklist for Kids so their rooms stay clean according to your standards!

Clean Bedroom Checklist for Kids

This year we decided that in order to keep bedrooms looking fairly tidy, the first Saturday of each month is Deep Clean Bedroom Saturday. (please insert child groans). I found that when I asked my kids to clean their rooms, they looked at me in a semi-confused manner. “Tidy Room” is part of their daily …

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