Rotating Meal Plan from a Family of 8!

Rotating Meal Plan from a Family of 8!

Looking for menu ideas for your family Meal Plan? Here is our meal plan for our family of 8 complete with themed nights and room for variety!

If you’ve been following the Meal Planning Series, you know that we have discussed the importance of having a meal plan and how theme nights can help you create that meal plan. We talked about making sure it is affordable for your family and today I wanted to let you see what our current menu looks like!

Our Current Meal Plan

So, back to what our current meal plan is: We eat a fairly clean diet. We have meat a few times a week, most all of our meals are cooked from scratch. We do eat some processed foods, but those are mostly reserved for our rotating school lunches so they are easy grab-and-go meals.

First off, in order to best compile this menu, I refer back to our Family Cookbook. All the recipes that we love are typed and categorized in this binder for an easy and quick reference. When we get bored of having a certain meal, it makes it easy to substitute a meal from the same category in our Family Cookbook.

I try to keep the meals fairly vague to offer variety. I have included the different ways those meals can be mixed up. Otherwise, we rely heavily on side dishes to bring about fun change and take advantage of produce that is in season. If the recipe is from an online source, I have added the link.

Savory Sunday


Chateau Chicken from Dream Dinners

Pulled Pork (served as a salad, sandwiches, or with rice or potatoes)

Chicken Parmigiana


Meatless Monday

Pasta Primavera or any Pasta with Alfredo Sauce

Lasagna Casserole or Spaghetti

Hawaiian Haystacks

Chinese (stir fry, oriental noodles, etc.)


Taco Tuesday

Cafe Rio Chicken (enchiladas or salad)

Tortilla soup or Chicken Taco Salad

Enchilada Casserole

Taco Soup or Taco Salad


Wait for it Wednesday

Lemon Garlic Drumsticks

Chicken Bake or Chicken Pot Pie

Chili and Baked Potatoes

Italian Chicken with Pasta


Thirsty Thursday

Broccoli Cheese Soup or Grilled Chicken Salad

White Bean Soup or White Chicken Chili

Zuppa Toscana or Grilled Chicken Salad

Ham and Potato Soup or Southwest Chicken Wraps


Fun Friday



Breadstick Pizza

Rice and Bean Wraps


Simple Saturday


Shepherd’s Pie

Burgers, Grilled Cheese, or other Sandwiches

Macaroni and Cheese


Looking for menu ideas for your family Meal Plan? Here is our meal plan for our family of 8 complete with themed nights and room for variety!

From this list, everything is homemade. We do get Little Casear’s on Fridays nights if things have been crazy and I just don’t have the brain space to make homemade pizza.

Hopefully this helps jog your brain a bit for meal ideas for your own family. We do reevaluate each month and change it up when necessary. Most of these meals I have cooked often enough though that I don’t need the recipe anymore, and I always have the ingredients on hand.

Instead of being bored by a meal plan, my kids love knowing what to expect, and I love knowing that my kids look forward to nearly every one of these meals!

What’s on your Meal Plan?

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