Having a rotating lunch menu has simplified our mornings so much! The kids make their own lunches without me worrying about what they're eating.

Rotating Home Lunch Menu

We recently had what you might call “The Great Home Lunch Disaster of 2016”. It all started with me getting lunch ready for the 3 kids at home.  I realized that a box of crackers that we had just opened now only had 6 remaining crackers. I have my school kids pack their own lunches …

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If you are looking to prepare apple pie in advance for the holidays, here's a simple way to whip up apple pie filling in bulk and always have it on hand!

Frozen Apple Pie Filling

With Thanksgiving coming up, you might be planning out what kind of pie you will be eating. If you live at our house, you may have already eaten pie. Twice. Apple pie is my all time favorite. I found out years ago that this was an item I could not can though. I sat and …

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Using real cultured buttermilk in recipes rather than substitutes makes a difference. To cut costs on buying buttermilk all the time, why not make your own?

DIY Cultured Buttermilk

We use quite a bit of buttermilk around here. It is a key ingredient in our buttermilk pancakes, buttermilk syrup, and biscuits. But, have you checked the price? It’s SO expensive! After trying real buttermilk in recipes rather than substituting using milk with vinegar or lemon juice, I will never go back. There is a difference, and …

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Buttermilk syrup recipe

Buttermilk Syrup Recipe

I shared my buttermilk pancake recipe last week. Hopefully some of you tried it and know that you will never go back to the store bought mixes. In most homes, if you give a child a pancake, they are going to want some syrup to go along with it. It takes the same amount of time …

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My Food Journey and a Recipe!

My Food Journey and a Recipe

It seems kind of silly that in order to feel comfortable writing anything about cooking/food, I feel like I first have to explain myself and my food journey. Everyone seems to be on some sort of “diet” these days, and we are too. We are trying our best to be on a “Real Food Diet”. …

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