Going through the list of things to do over and over in the morning gets old. Use responsibility charts to get kids ready in the morning with no nagging!

Get Kids Ready with NO Nagging

Mornings can be so stressful. Breakfast, hair, forgotten homework, and the list goes on and on. I feel like I’m going crazy trying to remember who has already done what. My brain can’t handle running through the list of “did you’s” in the morning… “Did you”: brush your teeth, comb your hair, make your bed, etc. …

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This month's challenge is to deep clean bedrooms. Follow the free printable so you don't miss any steps in keeping your bedrooms clean and organized!

Deep Clean Bedroom Checklist

I have a Home Binder that includes all sorts of charts to help keep me organized. The Deep Cleaning Checklists are by far my most used portion of my notebook. When the month turns over, I check which rotation I am on and get to work. By now I have a pretty good idea of each …

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We love having weekly Family Home Evening to spend time together and strengthen our family. Get your own Family Home Evening chart printable.

Family Home Evening Chart

Does your family have Family Night? We do, and we love it! Every Monday night our family gathers together to learn about the gospel and have fun together. The purpose of Family Home Evening is to strengthen our families.