Buttermilk syrup recipe

Buttermilk Syrup Recipe

I shared my buttermilk pancake recipe last week. Hopefully some of you tried it and know that you will never go back to the store bought mixes. In most homes, if you give a child a pancake, they are going to want some syrup to go along with it. It takes the same amount of time …

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This month's challenge is to deep clean bedrooms. Follow the free printable so you don't miss any steps in keeping your bedrooms clean and organized!

Deep Clean Bedroom Checklist

I have a Home Binder that includes all sorts of charts to help keep me organized. The Deep Cleaning Checklists are by far my most used portion of my notebook. When the month turns over, I check which rotation I am on and get to work. By now I have a pretty good idea of each …

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It's fairly easy to find a great children's book to read, but how do you choose a book to read for yourself? Check out my tips to find great books to read!

How to Find Great Books to Read

It’s no secret that we love to read in our family. The ultimate punishment in our house is to ground someone from reading for the day. My kids read non-stop. Thankfully we have a GREAT team of children’s librarians at our library who do an amazing job at recommending books for my children to read. But, …

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Bench makeover

Bench Makeover

(This post has affiliate links) I may have a slight obsession with benches. So when I saw this bench at a yard sale and found that it had storage space, I was sold! It was very solid, but a little too red for our decor. The top was sort of like wicker and had some some holes in …

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How to Photoshop your life

How to Photoshop your Life

Do you ever get bogged down reading other people’s blogs or Facebook status updates? How about looking at everyone’s perfect homes on Pinterest? I realized the other day as I was staging one of my photos that we truly see only what people want us to see online.

My Food Journey and a Recipe!

My Food Journey and a Recipe

It seems kind of silly that in order to feel comfortable writing anything about cooking/food, I feel like I first have to explain myself and my food journey. Everyone seems to be on some sort of “diet” these days, and we are too. We are trying our best to be on a “Real Food Diet”. …

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