The Importance of Memorizing Scriptures with your Children

The Importance of Memorizing Scriptures with your Children

Memorizing scriptures with your children doesn't have to be difficult! Here are some great tips to get you started on memorizing your favorites today!

As I send my kids off to school, I like them leaving with confidence in who they are. When faced with tough decisions on their own, I hope they will choose the right and remember what we have taught in our home. Memorizing scripture is something that has influenced morning attitudes, and helped define the choices our children make.

In the morning we read scriptures as a family. We listen for 5 minutes on my phone while everyone follows along in their individual scriptures. Over breakfast, before they scramble off to their various activities, we recite the scripture that we are working on.

How to Memorize Scriptures with Your Children

The first couple of days with a new scripture, we TALK ABOUT what the scripture means. We DEFINE difficult words. We usually have the youngest say those words a couple of times because it’s just so cute! Next, we REPEAT the scripture a couple of times. The kids usually will repeat the scripture throughout the day on their own, trying to be the first one to say it without looking.

The Living Christ

When I was serving a mission in Canada, my first companion recited “The Living Christ” for me and I made a goal then and there that I wanted to memorize it for myself. It is a document packed with testimony and written in the most beautiful phrases to describe who our Savior is.

Fast forward about 10 years later to a talk in the October 2014 General Conference called “Sharing Your Light” by Neill F. Marriott where she talked about a challenge issued to the youth in Alaska to memorize “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles”. That was just the push I needed to get started. But how to teach so many words to kids so young?

We started memorizing it last year and the kids’ eyes would light up every time they heard a phrase mentioned during church or General Conference. They would finish the sentence with the phrase from The Living Christ and carry on as far as they could remember. Unfortunately, I got a little lost

living christand chalked it up to “a valiant effort”. You can see, it’s kind of a long document to memorize!

I want to start our school-time scripture memorization off great this year. I am bound and determined that we are going to memorize this. It may take us the whole school year, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I will be using this time around.

Tips and Tricks

I am creating a little quiet book for my kids using the exact words with pictures available for free on

Best of all: I found a song! We started learning with the song a bit last year and it made a world of difference. There were a couple of different songs, but this is the one that we liked best.

Feel free to start memorizing The Living Christ (again) with us, or start memorizing your own choice of scriptures! It always makes me smile as I hear my kids humming the tune or reciting phrases from the scriptures throughout the day. It lets me know that it is sinking in. I hope it helps them remember the Savior throughout the day, and try to act as He would.

How do you choose what scriptures to memorize as a family?

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