Essential Cub Scout Tracking Records

Essential Cub Scout Tracking Records

The most simple and effective tracking records for the Wolf Cub Scouts and Faith in God for Boys all located in one place!I have worked with the Wolf Scouts for about a year and a half now. I started out when the new program was brand new, so I learned about the scouting world right alongside everyone else.

I have to say, working with between 7-10 boys all of the same age can be challenging! They have more energy than I knew what to do with most times. We learned quite a few new things, went on fun outings, and really built relationships with those boys and tried to help them learn to look out for those in our group.

One of the important things that I learned as a leader was to keep records of everything! I wanted to share with you some of the papers that helped me the most. I searched long and hard on Pinterest to find the Tracking Records that worked best for me. (To print, simply click on the image and it will take you to the original site for that record!)

Wolf Scout Tracking Sheets

Wolf Scout Tracking Record

I love the outline of these Tracking Sheets the best. It’s easy to see what each boy had passed off, and what we still needed to work on. It also has a clear distinction between the Required and Elective Adventures.

Faith in God Tracking Sheets

Faith in God for Boys tracking RecordWe incorporate the Faith in God Program with our Wolf Scouts. I like having this print off so that when the boys advance, we can hand the tracking sheets to their parents and they can continue working with the boys on their Faith in God award throughout the rest of their scouting years.

Faith in God/Wolf Scout Correlation SheetFaith in God Correlation sheets

Sheets like this are key in keeping things simple when planning activities. Often times, the Wolf Scout Adventures will only need one extra little thing done in order to pass off a Faith in God requirement. I find that using the Faith in God requirements helps me come up with ideas more easily.

Rotating Calendar

The most simple and effective tracking records for the Wolf Cub Scouts and Faith in God for Boys all located in one place!Having a rotating calendar eliminates the need to repeat activities too often. If every scout comes to every activity, they are guaranteed to receive their award before their next birthday. Clear communication with parents was helpful too. Sending a text or email to those scouts who missed the den meeting gave the parents the opportunity to work with their scout at home so they could receive the award with the rest of the den.

Hopefully these help you to stay more organized as a Den Leader!

What tracking sheets do you use in your Den?

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