Do you need to organize your paper clutter? If organized into these 4 simple categories properly, you can create a system that works indefinitely!

Organizing Paper Clutter

Hopefully you aren’t sick of hearing about my new-found desire to not only organize my home, but purge it of anything that I don’t love. Combining my 6 month house cleaning rotation with the KonMari method has been WAY more work than I thought. It has also been more rewarding than I could have ever anticipated. …

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Do your kids clean bathrooms? With this Clean Bathroom Checklist, your kids will be cleaning bathrooms like professionals!

Clean Bathroom Checklist for Kids

Cleaning bathrooms…not my favorite task. Teaching children to clean bathrooms…even less of a favorite task. I’ll never forget the first time I taught a kid to clean the toilet. As toilet water was flung everywhere, I realized exactly why some people choose to do all the housework themselves. If you stick with it though, there …

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Want the whitest whites? I tried the laundry whiteners, I even tried dying my clothes white. Nothing seemed to work. Then I found the best recipe ever!

Best Laundry Whitener Ever

I’m sock snob, but in a weird way. I ALWAYS wear socks, except at the pool. I wear socks so often that I buy the large bags of plain white socks so that when one gets a hole, I can easily match it with another of the many socks from that pack. I have passed on my …

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Having a rotating lunch menu has simplified our mornings so much! The kids make their own lunches without me worrying about what they're eating.

Rotating Home Lunch Menu

We recently had what you might call “The Great Home Lunch Disaster of 2016”. It all started with me getting lunch ready for the 3 kids at home.  I realized that a box of crackers that we had just opened now only had 6 remaining crackers. I have my school kids pack their own lunches …

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Kids are messy eaters. Using easy-to-clean chair covers reduces the amount of clean up after meals, and the scrub-down-the chairs rush before guests.

Simple Chair Cover

Kids are messy eaters. My kids are no exception. I have been asked once if I was deep cleaning because of the amount of crumbs I was sweeping up after one meal. It doesn’t just stop at the crumbs either! Chairs and table edges get touched with sticky fingers and it adds up over time. Wiping …

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